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Energizer® is the world’s number one recharge battery brand*. Whether you’re on the go or at home, Energizer® has a wide range of chargers to suit any lifestyle. When paired with our long lasting Energizer® Recharge batteries, you’ll have the perfect solution for all your power needs. Our Energizer® Base Charger is the perfect entry-level charger that takes both AA and AAA batteries. The compact Energizer® Mini Charger is perfect when you are travelling light. Our Maxi Charger gives you exceptional charging every day with its LED charge-status indicator. The stylish Energizer® Pro Charger is designed to make things easy for you and our efficient 1 Hour Charger charges your batteries fast. Energizer® also offers a complete range of smart laptop adapters, designed to charge your notebook safely and efficiently. Our Energizer® Energi To Go line of portable charging solutions includes a full range of portable chargers to extend the run time of your devices and never let you down. The Energizer® Inductive Charger delivers the future of wireless charging with Qi, the universal standard in wireless charging. We also have a complete range of USB chargers, designed to charge your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, GPS and more. Energizer®’s range of game charging stations are designed to keep you going through the longest gaming session. *based on scan sales.

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