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Energizer’s aim is to enrich people's lives through light, leading the way with insight and innovation. We have been an industry leader in portable lighting since our founder Conrad Hubert invented the world's first handheld torch back in 1898. From converting our range to LED to the development of Light Fusion Technology, Energizer has led the category in technological and performance advances.For over 100 years, Energizer has been driving forward performance and efficiency with a unique focus on our consumers. Our portfolio meets all your expectations with products that are durable, reliable and user friendly. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions, from your most fundamental needs at home, to the most challenging outdoor and professional environments. Our approach also focuses on responsibility, creating solutions with people and the planet in mind. Across the globe, we focus on renewable packaging materials, and have already made plastic reductions in excess of 90% - that’s positivenergy™.

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