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ENERGIZER® Tactical Light 700

The Energizer® TAC 700 delivers high performance in a durable, dependable, and compact body. The rear push button, strobe mode, and durable aircraft grade aluminum were designed to work on various situations. In addition, the light output and 4 different modes (High, Medium, Low, Emergency Strobe), make it perfect for any outdoors and indoors usage, […]


ENERGIZER® Fusion 3in1 Work Tripod

The Energizer® Multi-Function Flashlight with Light Fusion Technology delivers a truly versatile solution for any task. Select from either a bright spot application or impressively bright area light. With a sturdy tri-pod feature and pivoting head, this light flexes for excellent hands-free application. For use as a handheld flashlight, simply fold in the compact legs. […]


ENERGIZER® Vision HD Metal Rechargeable

The Energizer® Vision HD Rechargeable Metal Light delivers high-performance innovation with exceptional light output. It is easy to use and features USB-in and out ports, which means it is rechargeable and can also charge devices making it a great option for situations when you need to charge your device. This light is built with durable […]


ENERGIZER® Sport Gift Pack

A sport themed gift pack designed for active people, which includes the Energizer® Vision headlight and an LED armband. The lightweight, handsfree solution provides maximum comfort and great clarity of vision while running, cycling or simply walking your dog, as well as a long runtime, while the LED armband ensures you remain visible to incoming […]



The Energizer® Vision Lantern is a bright and powerful lighting option for various tasks. Its high lumen output in combination with a long runtime and power bank capabilities provides a reliable 360 lighting for adventures, outdoor activities, emergency situations, and it can also be used to charge devices via a USB port out. The design […]


ENERGIZER® Rechargeable Headlight

The Energizer® Vision Ultra HD Rechargeable Headlamp brings outstanding performance in a compact design. The headlamp shows innovative features with its rechargeability (USB port) and the Energizer® Smart Dimming technology which allows for easy control of light intensity. In addition to the white LEDs, this light has green and red LEDs which preserve night vision […]


ENERGIZER® Sport Headlight

A compact and lightweight headlight ideal for sporting activities. Its thin design ensures maximum comfort during exercise. The Sport Headlight is bright and easy to operate and includes a red LED for Night Vision. Compact and Lightweight to fit sporting activities Thin design for maximum comfort during running Bright and Easy to Operate Red LED […]


ENERGIZER® Vision Ultra Headlight

The Energizer® Vision Ultra HD Headlight brings outstanding performance in a compact design. The headlight shows innovative features as the Energizer® Smart Dimming technology that allow to easily control light intensity. In addition to the white LED, this light has green and red LEDs which enhance night vision for outdoors activities such as hunting and […]


ENERGIZER® Wearable light

ENERGIZER® Touch Tech Keychain

The Energizer® Keychain Light with Touch Tech Technology combines the latest patented technology for easy, intuitive use. With the switchless innovation of Touch Tech, users get instant illumination just by grasping the light. Just release your grip when done using, and Touch Tech smoothly turns off the light. Touch Tech ensures that your light is […]