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ENERGIZER® Sport Gift Pack
ENERGIZER® Sport Gift Pack
ENERGIZER® Sport Gift Pack

ENERGIZER® Sport Gift Pack


A sport themed gift pack designed for active people, which includes the Energizer® Vision headlight and an LED armband. The lightweight, handsfree solution provides maximum comfort and great clarity of vision while running, cycling or simply walking your dog, as well as a long runtime, while the LED armband ensures you remain visible to incoming traffic and other people, for yours and your loved ones safety. The Sport Park is the perfect gift for all runners, walkers and dog owners to make sure they enjoy their time in the outdoor while keeping safe in low lighting conditions.

  • Adjustable elastic headband
  • Pivoting head
  • Shatter proof lens
  • Survives a 1 meter drop
  • Designed to last 15 years
  • 4 red LEDs on fluorescent armband for maximum visibility
  • Velcro strap for quick release and easy wearing
  • Stretch material for comfort
  • Light modes : beam high , beam low
Light Mode Beam high Beam low
Lumens 100 Lumens 20 Lumens
Run Time (h) 7 Hours 50 Hours
Beam Distance 30 20
Weather Proof IPX4 (HL)
Impact Resistance 1 M

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